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Common Questions for Comparing Buildings

Let’s bring clarity to your experience of buying a metal building and use the following questions as a way to organize and simplify the process:

1.  What will you use your steel building for?

Here’s a glance at the versatility and options you have – storage building, home, garage, church, carport, metal cabin, etc.

Check out some of our representative steel buildings below.

2.   How much would you like to customize your building?

Figure out if you want a simple metal building – no façade, just structural steel panels and without insulation – or a more elaborate building that comes with a façade.

Also, select your favorite color combination and then determine how many windows you’d like, walk doors, overhead doors, etc.

3.  Where and how do I get a concrete foundation laid before the new building is installed?

With most companies, you’ll typically need to talk directly to suppliers and sub-contractors.   You can easily expect to pay in the range of $5- $10 per sq. ft.   At Houston Budget Buildings, we include the cost for a steel reinforced concrete slab and save you the hassle altogether.

All of our steel buildings are turn key!




Metal Garage

Store and protect your vehicles from damage and inclement weather.  Our residential garages become part of your home.   Customize the number and size of openings to match your storage needs.



Steel home building

There's no surprise that our metal home customers have been extremely satisfied throughout the years.   Great savings, infinite design possibilities, and the ease of build make this home option irresistible.



Metal barn

All of our steel-framed barns are designed to give many years of reliable performance.   Whether it's for your oversized backyard or for a working ranch or farm, our ag-buildings are indeed time tested.



Metal storage building

If it's a small all-steel framed storage building you're seeking or a massive multi-unit commercial storage facility, we can do either in a cost-effective manner.



Metal carport

Our carports offer protection from the sun and weather while also allowing for better ventilation.  Your carport will have an "open feel" and will also come with an attached convenient storage space.  



Metal utility building

Our metal utility buildings are multi-purpose.   Use for a body shop, mechanic shop, home gym, artist studio, or any combination thereof.  Be as conservative or as elaborate as you want.



Boat storage

Get one of our custom boat storage buildings for your pontoon boat, bass boat, or yacht.   Protect your boat from all weather conditions and have no worries about shrinkwrapping, dry docking fees, annual maintenance, or waiting lists.



RV storage

Our energy efficient designs result in maximum protection for your RV.   It'll withstand hurricanes and other adverse conditions.   Stable interior temperatures and ideal storage conditions - a must for your recreation vehicle.



Metal workshop

All steel-framed metal workshops have been the industry standard for generations.   The safety advantages of metal workshops, as opposed to wood-framed shops, are numerous and varied.   From fire safety to saving up to 40% on insurance premiums, steel is the material of choice for the serious shop owner.



Metal cabin

Perfectly suited for a lifestyle in the great outdoors.  If you go to your cabin for weekend retreats or if it's your full-time getaway, metal cabins are a growing trend in rustic living.


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